Although Via Veneto selects majolica from a number of different artists, the majority of our offering comes from these well established studios:

Franco Mari

Franco Mari occupies a unique place in the history of majolica. Mari grew up in a family of ceramists and was thoroughly educated in all the traditional aspects of the art.

As a young man, Mari was a student at the fine arts school in nearby Perugia. He naturally wanted to continue in the family business; but his vision was quite different. Mari wished to develop and use the designs of the past; but also desired to make them more relative to the modern age. The result was a unique marriage of the classic Deruta colors, designs of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque with a special glaze that made the colors more vibrant and lively.

Through the years, Mari’s designs have evolved into a highly individual style, influenced by his visits to the United States and his continuous eye on the traditional designs. An intrinsic beauty and connection of design makes Franco Mari majolica easy to mix and match. The hardest decision is which designs to choose!

Deruta Placens

The storefront of Deruta Placens is located in the historical center of Deruta. From this location, Signora Novella Mordenti, owner, chats with visitors and paints many of the forms that will later be sold; or directs interested parties to view her daughter Annalisa’s shop a block away. Deruta Placens is a small family company producing both unique and traditional items in a limited quantity.

Via Veneto is proud to offer the more unique items. Each piece is of the highest quality, and a one-of-a-kind Italian treasure. Repetition of featured designs shown cannot be guaranteed. If you like it, it’s best to purchase it while you can!

Gino Peccetti

The large firm of Gino Peccetti is an award-winning maker of majolica ceramics. In their own workshops they reproduce all of the traditional types of ceramic objects for which Deruta is known as well as many original designs. The Peccetti firm is now owned by Giuseppe Marchetti, Signor Peccetti’s son-in-law. Mr. Marchetti was lured away from the study of the law in Rome in order to continue the family business; and since that time, Marchetti has greatly expanded the variety of items available and sought to export items overseas.

The Peccetti firm is able to produce a large number of pieces while maintaining high quality and preserving the time-honored tradition of Deruta.

Via Veneto offers a wide selection of Peccetti creations from tableware, candy boxes, decorative plates to pitchers and vases.


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